Playful Passion

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This collection mirrors the bold soul of the era. Unique, original, daring, and free. It is a mix of bold yet beautiful jewelry pieces that would make sure you get all the eyes wherever you go.

Playful Passion Sterling Silver Jewelry remains very fashionable , silver may be a cool-toned metal and is seen as sharper and more modern and designers love it for its minimalistic approach also as its vintage feel on more traditional designs. It is also quite affordable in comparison with gold and other metals which are increasingly more costly.

However there’s more to silver than one would imagine, as there’s a choice of finishes and different colours that silver are often treated to offer different effects, i.e. bright, naturally tarnished, controlled oxidization and vermeil.

Sterling silver will tarnish and it’s up to you whether you polish it to stay it bright and glossy or let it tarnish naturally (and usually unevenly). alloy tarnishes due to the 7.5% copper a part of the alloy, which also strengthens it as ‘all’ silver (fine silver) is softer. Fine silver takes longer to tarnish and could be something to seem out for if you favor less work as long because it is treated gently it’ll be fine for necklaces and earrings but not heavy duty jewellery like rings and bracelets.

The new argentium silver is clever because it is heavily tarnish resistant – it’d need a polish once in a while but generally speaking the addition of germanium into the alloy means the germanium gives it a tarnish resistant quality. So argentium silver is extremely useful to put next to items which can’t be cleaned easily as they’ll be too small, or get damaged with a silver dip – i.e. pearls and porous gemstones like turquoise etc and for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle this new sort of silver goes to be very fashionable .

Sterling silver are often deliberately oxidized to darken – this will range from a darker pewter coloured silver to a deep matt black colour and this type of effect may be a nice change from the bight shiny silver. This effect happens within the presence of an oxidant and therefore the longer the item is left within the chemical bath the darker it becomes. these things shouldn’t be rubbed. Many items lately are mixing bright and oxidized silver together and also with gold to form mixed metal jewellery which is completely stunning.

Showing 1–48 of 125 results