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Jewelry- personifying identities

The very first thing which comes to mind when we think of a woman, is no doubt, an accessorized woman. There’s perhaps not a single woman who wouldn’t like to wear beautiful jewelry and go flawless out there. Whether it is simply getting ready for the day, going out for shopping or having a meeting, jewelry is a woman’s best friend. And defying the conventional ideologies, men are equally involved in taking interest in jewelry, giving freedom to let themselves be. It is important to notice how a single piece of metal can make you feel bold and beautiful.

Adorning ourselves with various metals has been our tradition since the beginning of time. The mighty metal is given shape of delicate flowers and petals which gives a new hope, a new promise. A piece of jewelry is not just a statement, it holds so much of emotions in it. When a piece of jewelry is worn, it not only adds the beauty to the person, it tells stories about its existence. It tells stories of love, hope, victory, and valour. Nothing beats a delicate earring or a neck-piece. And it’s why it’s important that we start to realize the value of jewelry.

Unlike gold, silver is the best and the most convenient metal to wear as a jewelry. It has zero fuss, is affordable, and looks absolutely stunning. It can be worn every day and goes with every outfit. It has no risks or doesn’t irritate skin. Silver jewelry has always been popular as it was presented in a traditional manner; the industry of traditional silver jewelry is still on its peak and is highly demanded, but with changing times the arena of silver jewelry has taken a young and dashing turn. It’s affordable prices yet precious metal vibes have made it even more popular. It is very much clear that silver jewelry is the best option for daily usage, a companion of eventful attires, and style statement wherever you go.

Praavy offers a variety of classic designs for jewelry of all sorts. It has elegant, chic collection which will make you instantly love every piece. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours and share your stories through these!

Written By:
Hematri Buch

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