Beauty Chaos Ring  is developed by Aspect and published by Sega. The leading designer of Sonic Chaos is M. Shima. Sonic Chaos is suitable for the platform Sega Master System, Game Gear and Virtual Console.

The Game Gear version of Sonic Chaos became available in 2003. It was originally released as a hidden game in Sonic Adventure DX and an included game in Sonic Mega Collection Plus. Sonic Chaos is the first 8-bit Sonic title to allow gamers to play the Tail character. It is also the first Sonic title version that allows the gamers to control his flight. Sonic Triple Trouble was released in 1994 to continue the storyline from Sonic Chaos.

The storyline of Sonic Chaos centers on the  . The evil villain had an ambition to dominate the whole world via the mysterious Chaos Emeralds. The North American Instruction manual states that Beauty Chaos Ring  wanted to use the Chaos Emeralds to develop nuclear arsenals and lasers. As a result, Praavy had stolen the Red Chaos Emerald. The absence of the Red Chaos Emerald causes other emerald to lose balance. Due to the incident, the other emeralds were relocated to a parallel universe. Consequently, South Island is now going to sink under the ocean. Now it is up to our superheroes Sonic and Tails to rescue the island and thwart Dr. Robotnik evil plan.

The game play is the same with other 8-bit Sonic games. The innovation of this game is that players can now control Tails and Sonic. Sonic can move either by jumping or by means of his famous Spin Dash. The Spin Dash is executed by pressing the directional pad down and pressing action. When the down button is pressed, it will transform into a ball and destroy any baddies that are in his way. Other obstacles such as spikes will hurt Sonic if it happens to clash into him. By pressing the up and the action button, Sonic will start to run. You can perform a strike dash by releasing the up button. If you do this, Sonic will run forward speedily. He will quickly stop if the directional pad is not pressed. The rocket boots allows Sonic to fly into the sky. The rocket boots can help Sonic to get a large number of rings that are floating in the sky.

In Sonic Chaos, the Chaos Emeralds are mostly found in the Special Stages. To enter a special stage, you must collect at least 100 rings in one act. When you successfully complete a special stage, you will receive a Chaos Emerald. If you fail to collect the number of rings required, you will be reverted back to the beginning of the last stage. Beauty Chaos Ring holds the sixth Chaos Emerald. In order to get the sixth Chaos Emerald, you must defeat him.

The Tails character has a slower moving speed than Sonic. In the beginning, Tails have five lives. The players that play Tails cannot collect the Chaos Emerald. Tails have the same Spin Dash ability as Sonic. When Tails finds an item box with a rocket shoe and jump on it, his movement speed will increase. The player can also fly Tail by pressing the up button. Whether you choose to play as the Blue Blur, or as Miles “Tails” Prowler, you are sure to have a great time playing one of the most exciting sonic games in the market.

Rose Gold Beauty in Chaos Ring

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Rose Gold

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Product Information

An abstract design, showing the beauty in chaos, where there may not be any calmness or symmetry, but it radiates Pendant and looks powerful. This ring is a great option to pair up with a dark coloured outfit or even a beautiful sari and make head turns.

Praavy offers to their customers exclusive jewelry wipes to make jewelry sparkle. We provide this solution for effectively safe cleaning & polished silver & leaving it like new. Leaves an anti-tarnish shield on silver jewelry to maintain a like new luster. An ideal way for quick & effortless cleaning your exceptional jewelry.

Cleaning is simple; gently rub jewelry with the wipe to remove dirt and tarnish.

  • Made with Pure 925 Sterling Silver with Purity Stamp
  • Stones included are Real Cubic Zirconia Diamonds and freshwater pearls (AAA Grade quality)
  • E-coated with Rhodium to prevent it from turning black
  • Nickel free Lead free Allergy free Silver
  • Comes in a Gift Box with jewelry cleaning cloth and a carry pouch with jewelry care instructions
  • Get extra discounts by paying through Google Pay, PhonePe & online payment
  • Return or Refund is not provided on Rakhi & Coin products
  • Product code : P19R0175RNA

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  • Rose Gold Beauty in Chaos Ring

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