Since The Dandelion Necklace  dawn of mankind, gift giving has been a primary source of communication between humans. It also is the easiest way to celebrate rites of passage and other important events. Birthdays and holidays, like Christmas, would not be the same without gift giving. It feels good to give a gift to another person even if the gesture is not reciprocated. Gift giving brings great joy to the bearer’s heart while also bringing a reward to the recipient. When chosen properly, a gift can last a lifetime and might even bloom into a precious memento that is passed down through the generations of the recipient’s family. One of the best choices for gift giving is jewelry since just about everyone wears it and the sheer variety of choices for both men and women is endless. There are several types of spectacular jewelry that you can give to that special someone. Just remember that gift giving is an art that deserves great consideration. 

The Dandelion Necklace  Jewelry An antique, vintage or heirloom quality piece of jewelry can be just the right gift for the man or woman that relishes items from the past. The best part is that vintage jewelry is a stark contrast to most of the jewelry styles of the present. It guarantees that the person wearing it will stand out from the crowd. It’s easy to find vintage jewelry at antique or even thrift stores. The key to finding the perfect vintage piece of jewelry is to take into consideration the likes of the recipient and especially which era. For the man who adores the 1950’s, a vintage pocket watch might be the perfect gift. Or for the woman who thought the 1960’s were all the rage, a vintage hippie-inspired beaded necklace may just fit the bill. When shopping for vintage jewelry, be careful to inspect the piece carefully to ensure that it is in working order and does not show too much wear and tear.

Handmade Jewelry

Some of the most unique pieces The Dandelion Necklace of jewelry can be found in the handmade marketplace. Most handmade jewelry artisans create unique lines of jewelry that are far removed from what is found in stores and often utilize better materials. Since handmade jewelry is not mass-produced you can rest assured that no one else will have the exact piece of jewelry that you gift to another. A pair of tiny lovebirds carved into the face of a sterling silver pendant or a lucky dandelion etched onto a piece of hammered bronze are just two examples of unique pieces of jewelry available in the handmade marketplace. Craft shows and online selling venues like Etsy are two of the most popular places to find artisan-crafted Gold jewelry.

Department Store Jewelry

Department Store jewelry often gets a bad “rap” because it is mass-produced and in-distinctive since there are hundreds of thousands of identical pieces floating around the country. However, there are some varieties of department store jewelry that are very unique despite the mass quantities produced. Case in point, Supermodel Cindy Crawford’s “One Kiss” jewelry line at Praavy’s is very trendy and unique. There are scores of celebrities offering jewelry bearing their names in department stores and online. And remember, behind the celebrity name is a team of jewelry designers that have exhausted thousands of dollars to come up with the most original designs around. Once you have selected the perfect piece of unique Dandelion gold Necklace jewelry, take great care to wrap it accordingly.

The Dandelion Necklace

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A beautiful flower in full bloom, delicately studded with CZ Diamonds is the perfect option to flaunt with summer dresses and casual day looks. The subtle hint of bling in the necklace is a great way to jazz up your outfit. Pair this necklace with different delicate chains and create the perfect layered look. The flower is sure to keep you looking fresh and beautiful all the time!

  • Made with Pure 925 Sterling Silver with Purity Stamp
  • Stones included are Real Cubic Zirconia Diamonds and freshwater pearls (AAA Grade quality)
  • E-coated with Rhodium to prevent it from turning black
  • Nickel free Lead free Allergy free Silver
  • Comes in a Gift Box with jewelry cleaning cloth and a carry pouch with jewelry care instructions
  • Product code : P19N0399YNA

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